Expert witnesses expected to testify at former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor's upcoming murder trial will be cross-examined leading up to trial.

An amended court order filed Wednesday requires that the prosecution and defense produce some of their experts on March 29 so they can be vetted by the opposing side.

Noor goes to trial April 1 in the fatal shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond on July 15, 2017, when he and his partner, Matthew Harrity, responded to her 911 call about a possible rape behind her south Minneapolis home.

Noor, 33, pleaded not guilty March 1 to one count each of second-degree murder with intent, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Assistant Hennepin County Attorneys Amy Sweasy and Patrick Lofton previously filed a motion to limit or prohibit testimony from defense use-of-force expert Emanuel Kapelsohn. They later asked for a separate hearing to vet his credentials and question him in person.

Prosecutors wrote that Kapelsohn was "insufficiently qualified to opine" on use of force.

Defense attorneys Thomas Plunkett and Peter Wold filed a motion on Friday requesting an opportunity to examine the prosecution's witnesses, Derrick Hacker and Timothy Longo.

Hacker is expected to testify about Noor's conduct and use of force the night of the shooting.

"While he does appear to have administrative or supervisory roles in use of force with his current employer, he does not appear to have published any articles on use of force," the defense wrote.

Longo, according to the defense, is expected to testify about use of force and police policy.

"His job experience in Baltimore appears to have been primarily related to technical services, specifically overseeing the communication system of the police department," defense attorneys wrote.

The March 29 hearing also will be used to address any objections to exhibits expected to be introduced in court and the court's plan to make the jury panel anonymous.

Hennepin County District Judge Kathryn Quaintance's order also required that by Friday, all other motions must be filed, prosecutors must provide more information about a 3-D scan and reconstruction of the crime scene, and defense attorneys must provide Kapelsohn's work and academic credentials.

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