WASHINGTON -- Reports showing what candidates spent and raised between April 1 and June 30 are starting to trickle in to the Federal Elections Commission.

Watch this space as we update with Minnesota's politicians.

Republican Rep. John Kline raised $313,472 and has $563k on hand. Two Democrats are nipping at his heels, also bringing in impressive amounts of cash. Angie Craig raised $327,381. Mary Lawrence brought in more than $600k. (Of that, she gave herself $500k, according to the report.)

Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson raised $141k in the second quarter and has about $235k cash on hand. This is about average for him, though Republicans attacked him anyway for it.

Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen raised $322,663 and has $1.5 million cash on hand, according to reports filed today. Paulsen raised about $87,500 less than he did in the first quarter, but is sitting comfortably enough -- particularly since there aren't any Dems raising their hands to run against him. At least yet.

Democratic Rep. Tim Walz brought in $177,744 and has $213k cash on hand. The Republican hoping to unseat him, Jim Hagedorn, brought in $51k and has about $35k on hand.

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison brought in $250k and has about $180k on hand.

Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum raised only $62k but isn't spending much and retains about $208k on hand.

Newbie Republican Rep. Tom Emmer brought in a little more than $200k for his re-election next year. He only has about $66k on hand, though.

Courtney Kueppers contributed to this story.