Worried about Hippos suddenly running at you full-tilt? Here’s a book that should help. Summary:

Two ways: by charging understand HipposIf you hunt hippos Few people realize how dangerous hippos can. They are like the peace clumsy beasts grazing on the grass or just peace floating in the water. But in reality hippos have very sharp teeth and run surprisingly fast, can reach speeds of 25 mph! In Africa, hippos live, they have claimed thousands of lives, even more than the lion.

It’s from Kindle Cover disasters, where you can lose the rest of the day if you wish. (via Coudal.) Or you could go to the source and find your own examples. Here’s an intriguing set-up:

Vanity is an FBI agent, and, in the words of her friend, “a damn good one.”

That’s because she’s a Changer; specifically, she’s a unicorn in human form.

Which would seem to make her . . . not a unicorn? O ye of little imagination.

As a unicorn Changer, Vanity wields her unicorn magic as part of her calling as a Federal agent. She was one of the lucky few who were imbued with magic on that fateful day in July almost three years ago when magic suddenly appeared in the world.

Is it almost three years ago? That’s a key detail.

But while she and the other Changers Changed, they didn’t really change: they remained exactly what they were, only with magic, on both sides of the law and all points in between.

Yes, the Changers changed, but they didn’t really Change.

The cover:

Elsewhere in graphic design: here’s the Apple home page for the original iMac. If that whets your appetite for the old days, take a look at this page on the Jaguar interface. It looks . . . archaic. It’s a mess, really. Pinstripe side by side with brushed metal. All those Aqua bubbles. It makes you wonder when today’s interfaces will start to look different, and what will replace them.