Well, at least one major player involved in Brett Favre's Lambeau Field homecoming on Sunday isn't acting like this is just another game. Of course, it's not a member of either team. Rather, it's Fox, which will send the game to 91 percent of the country and is expecting huge ratings.

The primary reason for this is Favre and Fox isn't going to let the quarterback out of its sights for even one second. Fox announced today that it will have a camera on the 50-yard-line "isolated on Favre from the second he takes the field against his former team until the moment he runs back into the locker room."

You can even watch every second of Favre by going to www.foxsports.com or www.nfl.com.

Favre also is going to be making the interview rounds, doing a one-on-one with Fox's Terry Bradshaw during that network's pregame show Sunday. That begins at 11 a.m. Steve Mariucci, who was Favre's quarterbacks coach in Green Bay at one time, will sit down with Favre for a chat that will be aired on the NFL Network during its Sunday pregame show between 8 a.m. and noon.

The Mariucci interview should be a feel-good event. The Bradshaw interview stands to be pretty interesting. Bradshaw was very critical of Favre and the way he handled things this offseason. Bradshaw showed up at Winter Park today in a town car and had a chat with Brad Childress after practice. It will be interesting to see just how excited Favre is to chat with Bradshaw.

Also, one other important note. We received late word today from the NFL Network that during Mike Pereira's segment on "Total Access" this evening the league's vice president of officiating would not address the tripping call on the Vikings' Jeff Dugan from Sunday's game in Pittsburgh. We had been told on Tuesday that Pereira would talk about this call as he broke down certain plays from the weekend. We apologize for the mix up.