There are several logical conclusions to the Jimmy Butler saga, some clean and some messy.

But if you want some fun? Try out this conspiracy theory: There won't be a trade because there was never going to be a trade.

Everything that has happened in the last three weeks was a ruse concocted by Tom Thibodeau and Butler to get Karl-Anthony Towns to sign his contract extension — which he agreed to, if you'll recall, basically on the same day it was reported that the Wolves were on the same page about moving Butler.

They made it look like they actually tried to trade Butler in order to not rouse KAT's suspicion, but when the time was right — Wednesday, with a few practices and one preseason game left before the season — Butler returned and lit up practice while Thibs smiled.

It should be noted that I don't believe this, but I also don't think anything in the NBA soap opera is out of the question.

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