Fair babies

In addition to the champion giant pumpkins and sugar beets, the State Fair boasts a large crop of cute babies, some straining at stroller straps, some lounging in hay. 


Alarm overtook Michael Gust, 2, as his sister Monley, 3, disappeared behind her cotton candy. His twin sister Lavinia wasn’t concerned as the siblings from Plymouth rolled triple-wide through the fair.
Jenny Andersen of Afton, whose second child is due on Sept. 8, fit right in at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.
Nordic Waffles owner Stine Aasland carries her six-week-old son Bjorn Carrillo-Aasland while checking on the long line at her popular booth.
Nine-month-old Arimathea Xiong of Rosemount laughs while being carried along Judson Avenue.
A three-day-old lamb named Fuzzy nuzzled its mother as sibling Wuzzy relaxed in the background at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.
With her dad Branden Naraine, Harper Naraine, 15 months, visited Pepper the lamb, 3 days, with help from FFA member Josephine Smith, 17.
Bennett Daniels, a 17-month-old from Brooklyn Center, enjoyed a bite of fresh roasted corn.
Nordic Waffles owner Stine Aasland's 13-month-old daughter Luna Carrillo-Aasland entertains people in the long line at the busy booth.
Jen Cho of Hopkins played with her eight-month-old son Derek Cho outside the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.
Ducklings huddle for warmth while on display in the CHS Miracle of Birth Center.
Crosby Bliss, 13 months, watched the daily parade with his father, Connor Karth of Lino Lakes. It was Crosby's first time at the Minnesota State Fair.