Last Tuesday, Cullen Ryan created a Facebook event called, "Dress up like a bird and run into the glass at U.S. Bank Stadium."

A few days later, the event had 9,900 people who were interested in attending, more than 1,200 people who said they were going, and hundreds of comments from football fans and bird enthusiasts alike.

The supposed event is planned for Feb. 2, two days before the Super Bowl.

A lively discussion on the page suggests some people think it's is a joke, while others believe it's real and are busy planning which bird species they'll be.

We caught up with Ryan to find out the impetus behind the event and whether it's a hoax.

Q: Is this a legitimate event, or was it created as more of a joke?

A: It's clearly not real, right? I am not going to show up as a bird and throw myself at the glass at U.S. Bank Stadium while it's cordoned off. It's just not gonna happen.

Q: Why did you create the event?

A: You're probably familiar with the Chicago Bean memes from last year? (A viral campaign to Windex Chicago's iconic sculpture spun off into several wacky copycat events). It's just like its own version of that. It's kind of like a copy. It's just supposed to be funny. And I just don't like football that much.

Q: Do you like birds?

A: Love 'em. They're great.

Q: Are you a bird enthusiast?

A: I would not go that far. I would say that I am slightly warmer than lukewarm to birds.

Q: So this wasn't intended to be an advocacy event for birds or a commentary about the problem of birds becoming injured when they fly into the glass?

A: No, of course it is! It's a joke about a real problem. These big, dumb companies just build these big, dumb buildings and then don't have to suffer any consequences for their big, dumb mistakes.

Q: So I take it you're not a fan of U.S. Bank Stadium?

A: I think it looks nice, but it sucks that it kills birds.

Q: Are you surprised at the level of interest and interaction that the event is getting?

A: Yeah, pleasantly surprised.

Q: Are you concerned that the fake event might create an actual disturbance?

A: No. What issue could this possibly cause? No one is going to do this. People dressing up as birds and showing up outside of a place is fun. People will laugh and have a great time. I encourage everyone who has tickets to dress up as a bird and just hang out and have a great time.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I'm a comedian. I'm part of a collective called Clearwater Comedy. I'm the booker and event coordinator for a place here in Eau Claire called the Plus.

Q: Now things are starting to make sense. Are you going to dress as a bird on Super Bowl weekend?

A: I'm really considering it.

Q: What kind of bird would you be?

A: You gotta go ostrich, right? It's a big, powerful, wonderful creature.

Q: Any advice for folks who might attend your fake event?

A: Everybody be nice and have fun.

Aimee Blanchette • 612-673-1715