A Minneapolis North High School football player will be disciplined for gouging an eye of a rival player Saturday late in his team’s loss in the Class 1A Prep Bowl title game, an official with the Minnesota State High School League said Tuesday.

The consequences for Antwan Cobble, a senior, are being developed by North school officials, said MSHSL spokesman Kevin Merkle. Merkle declined to say what the discipline would be, citing privacy restrictions, adding, “We have communicated with both schools, and they have been communicating with each other.”

Cobble’s father, Kriss Burrell, said Tuesday his son is not a troublemaker and the teen feels terrible about the incident.

Cobble was on the ground next to Minneota running back Isaac Hennen after a tackle at TCF Bank Stadium during the 1A championship game. With another North player on top of the ball carrier, Cobble jabbed at least two fingers through Hennen’s facemask and into one of his eyes.

The Minneota sophomore was slow to get up and needed help from a sideline team staff member to find his way off the field.

There was no penalty called on the play, which was recorded on the live telecast on Ch. 45, replayed in slow motion and picked up by Deadspin and other national sports websites.

Merkle said that “officials said they didn’t see it. They’re not going to see everything.”

North head coach Charles Adams said Sunday that he doesn’t tolerate that behavior from his athletes. Adams also said there was plenty of questionable behavior going on by players on both sides.

Hennen was in pain as he was helped off the field, but he returned to the action. He finished with three touchdowns in Minneota’s 35-18 victory.