Well here's something I didn't expect to read this week: David Kahn, who ran the Wolves as the team's president of basketball operations from 2009-13, is reportedly a candidate for UNLV's athletic director job.

Kahn became famous (infamous, really) for presiding over numerous questionable draft choices in Minnesota — most notably the first one he ran in 2009, when the Wolves passed twice on selecting Stephen Curry (by choosing, of course, Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn instead).

Since being dispatched four years ago, we haven't heard much from Kahn. He wrote some sports columns for Bloomberg and was teaching at NYU, where he had an e-mail address at which I made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reach him. And he showed up recently in a random Twitter photo with Charlie Rybak, the son of the former Minneapolis mayor.

But here he is in the Las Vegas Review Journal as a candidate to be the next athletic director at UNLV. In addition to his work with the Wolves, the paper notes that Kahn was credited with helping with UCLA's renovation of Pauley Pavilion as a consultant.

The other four listed potential candidates, though, are either former or current high-ranking college athletics administration officials. Kahn would have to be considered a dark horse among that bunch. Then again, who would have imagined he would have been hired with the Wolves in 2009 when he got that job?