Like most retailers, Nordstrom doesn't release sales figures for specific stores. But I'm guessing that the Nordstrom store in the Mall of America has performed well for the Seattle-based retailer.

Why? Because Todd Buntin no longer lives in Minnesota.

Buntin recently left his job managing the MOA store to oversee the Nordstrom store in downtown Seattle. I'm assuming Buntin must have done something right if Nordstrom entrusted him with the responsibility of running the company's flagship store. At 373,000 square feet, the downtown Seattle location is also the retailer's largest store and includes a restaurant, spa, and wedding suite.

Mall of America officials say Nordstrom, along with the other high end shops along the mall's South Avenue, are among the big reasons why sales at the mall are up 10 percent year to date and on pace for a seven percent gain for the year.

Overall, Nordstrom has had a solid year, which indicates higher income shoppers are still spending despite a dismal economy. In August and July, the retailer posted same-store sales gains of well over six percent.

Year-to-date, Nordstom said same-store sales have jumped 6.9 percent, including 7.9 percent for the regular Nordstrom stores and 3.1 percent for the discounted Nordstrom Rack.

Numbers like these are why people like Todd Buntin get promoted.