We watched the Giants' Michael Boley return a failed lateral for a TD last night against the Rams. And we most certainly saw his post-TD celebration, which included him firing the ball out of the end zone -- and directly off the side of the face of an unlucky young man. As it turns out: All is now well! Per the Bergen Record (video of the TD below):

Michael Boley hadn't scored a touchdown since college. So when the Giants linebacker arrived in the end zone Monday night, after a 65-yard fumble return, he was understandably excited. He was so excited, in fact, that he momentarily lost his mind.

Boley didn't keep the ball from his first NFL touchdown. He didn't spike it, either. Instead, he celebrated by unwittingly firing the pigskin at the face of a Giants intern who was standing behind the end zone. "What's the saying? Act like you've been there before," Boley joked after the game. "I got caught up in the moment."

Just about everyone in MetLife Stadium was happy to see Boley arrive in the end zone, as the blue-clad crowd rose to its feet and roared. The one exception was Ryan Brown, the Giants intern who took Boley's celebratory spike off the side of his face as he stood behind the end zone. The ball ricocheted off Brown's face and hit a nearby cameraman in the head.

Brown was fine after the game, aside from a little redness on the side of his face. Before the game was even over, the video of the incident had made the rounds on Twitter and on several sports blogs. "That's good," Boley joked. "Get [him] some pub."