Throughout the vast majority of their recent competitive existence, the Twins and their fans never had to keep one eye on the scoreboard and one eye on the radar during a September homestand.

The reason, of course: the indoor confines of the Metrodome. The Dome was a terrible place for baseball, but like your childhood home it had one great comfort: it was a roof over your head.

Few (if any) would give back Target Field for more days at the Dome (even if the average attendance there from 2006-09 was higher than it is at Target Field this year.

Still, this is new and not fun.

hire ragnar? An opinion piece at argues that the Bears should bring in Ragnar, the deposed Vikings mascot, as their own.

RIP Yogi Berra, who died at the age of 90, had 19 career at-bats at Met Stadium late in his career, collecting three hits for a .158 average in Minnesota.