The best part about returning from vacation is looking through all the mail that piles up when one is gone. In this case, we knew we had an "oversized package" waiting for us at work because there is an e-mail alert whenever such things happen.

Giddy with anticipation, we trekked into the building at 425 Portland today and found out what it was: a gift box containing a coffee mug and a bag of coffee beans touting "Brewer's Blend," which is the Wolves' way of helping Corey Brewer campaign for Most Improved Player this year (kind of in the spirit of the Kevin Love glass cleaner kit from a year ago).

We have to say: we're suckers for reasonably clever tactics, and this one works. If you don't believe us, please have a look-see at the corresponding web site and also the video that we will (hopefull) embed showing Brewer working as a coffee shop barista. It's probably the best video he's ever done, except for the Good Sports golfing video.