This Snowy Egret was hunting lizards in Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge during a recent visit. I watched the bird from our car as it walked a wood edge, its head pointed into the brush. The bird moved slowly, with purpose. At times it began to sway its body, almost like a slow dance. This happened when something in the brush caught its interest. When the bird stopped advancing and seemed to focus more intently, it moved its head and neck in a wave pattern, undulating slowly as it extended the neck. The capture movement was too quick to follow. The bird shook the vegetation loose, and ate its prey. I have no idea what the body and head/neck motions meant unless they were to confuse or distract the lizard. The next day, in roughly the same location, I watched another Snowy, perhaps the same bird, on another hunt, everything similar to Day One except success as I watched.