I'm doing a story on Ray Edwards' upcoming ring debut for (Wednesday's) paper. If you haven't already heard, the unsigned Vikings defensive end will fight a four-round match at 7:30 p.m. May 20 at Grand Casino Hinckley.

UPDATE: Oops. Edwards story KO'd by Frankie's no-hitter late last night. Barring another no-hitter today, Edwards story is expected to run Thursday. For Ray's sake, I hope this is the last time he gets KO'd this month.

I found out Tuesday that Edwards is fighting Duluth's T.J. Gibson, a 34-year-old former amateur champion kick boxer who also will be making his traditional boxing ring debut.

It should be an interesting fight. Edwards is 6-5, 255 pounds, 13 below his playing weight. Gibson is 5-9, 210 pounds.

Gibson says he's a Vikings fan, but never heard of Edwards before getting the call with the offer to fight him. As for the disparity in size, he's not worried.

"No man intimidates me," Gibson said. "I'll be ready. Let's hope he's ready. If he knocks me out, he must be good because I've never been knocked out in kick boxing. If I knock him out, I hope you guys have your cameras ready."

Gibson said he had an 18-2 amateur kick boxing career and is 4-1 professionally in kick boxing. Edwards has never had a match at any level, which means one must not assume he'll win just because he'll tower over Gibson.

You might want to check out the story to also get Edwards' thoughts on whether he'll ever play another down for the Vikings again.