Ecolab's cleaning and sanitizing products are now available on the shelves of Home Depot.

For 100 years, Ecolab cleaning and sanitizing products have been a familiar sight in the supply closets of hotels, restaurants, hospitals and manufacturing sites. During its history Ecolab has utilized a business-to-business sales model and has not sold its products directly to consumers through typical retail channels.

This is the first time Ecolab has had a consumer product launch. In a deal with Home Depot and its 2,300 stores, Ecolab will be selling degreasers, pressure washer concentrates, floor care and bathroom cleaners to home improvement professionals and do-it-yourself consumers.

"Having Ecolab Scientific Clean on our shelves not only provides our Pro customers [a way] to deliver a professional clean, but it allows our DIY customers to bring that cleaning power into their homes as well," said Jeff Kinnaird, executive vice president of merchandising at Home Depot.

Ecolab products are already on the shelves. The products will be on end-cap displays at the entrances of Home Depot throughout the U.S. in February and then move to a display in the cleaning aisles in March.

Since the pandemic, Ecolab has put its brand on display more often. In 2020, Ecolab launched the Ecolab Science Certified program. Clients who go through the training can display the Ecolab Science Certified logo and give consumers the reassurance that the hotels and restaurants they stay at and visit are committed to public health and sanitization.