A drug suspect attempted to run over a sheriff’s deputy in Mankato, drew gunfire from the lawman and then crashed his vehicle after a brief chase, authorities said Thursday.

Marlow S. McDonald, 31, of Mankato, was arrested late Wednesday, along with a 30-year-old passenger, also from Mankato.

The deputy, Brian Martin, was unscathed when his squad car was rammed and then after he got out of the vehicle and dodged the suspect, who was driving right at him, the Sheriff’s Office said.

According to the Sheriff’s Office:

About 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, deputies joined with agents of the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force in trying to apprehend McDonald, wanted on felony illicit drug charges.

McDonald was first spotted in a vehicle near W. Lind and Range streets. The deputies and agents used their vehicles to box in McDonald’s. vehicle.

McDonald drove forward into Martin’s squad car, then backed up and hit a task force vehicle.

Martin got out from behind the wheel, and McDonald “drove directly at Deputy Martin in what appeared to be an attempt to run him over.”

Martin fired several shots at McDonald, who fled onto Lind Street, triggering a brief pursuit involving several sheriff’s squad cars.

Soon after turning onto Lake Street, the vehicle went up a steep drive, through a retaining wall and “dropped down into a vertical position, unable to continue on.”

Deputies and task force agents then arrested the two. They were taken to a hospital for noncritical injuries suffered in the crash and then to the county jail.

No law enforcement personnel were hurt in the incident.