Jim Thome told an audience in Cleveland today that he's not ready to retire, but don't expect him to sign back with the Twins.

Twins GM Bill Smith was asked about Thome in his Oct. 4 conference call with season-ticket holders.

"Jim was a great contributor here for two years, and we were lucky to see him get that 600th home run," Smith said. "I would never say never, but I think at this point, we need some players that are a little more versatile.

"Jim's 41 years old now. If he wants to play, he'll have a job somewhere because he's still a threat and he's a great leader, but when you only have four guys on the bench, it ties up that manager tremendously. Jim's either the DH or just a pinch-hitter; you're going to have to pinch run for him if he gets a hit."

Thome turned 41 on Aug. 27, 10 days after smashing his 600th career home run, and two days after getting traded from the Twins to the Indians.

Thome batted .296/.390/.479 with three homers and 10 RBI in 22 games with Cleveland after the trade. Just like last year, he said he wanted to talk to his family after the season before deciding whether he wants to play again.

Today, he gave his answer in an address to the City Club of Cleveland. According to the Associated Press, Thome said, "I'll keep playing. I just need teams to call me. I can't go play in the backyard by myself. I don't know the demand for a 41-year-old DH, but my passion is I want to continue to play."

Thome added: "Everybody says you can play forever. At age 41, you know you can't. I have to admit I am enjoying getting up every morning and being with my family right now. We'll see what's going to happen. It is a process that will align itself."