Two separate storm systems will be responsible for spreading snow across theRockies and High Plains through Wednesday. While not enough to paralyze theseregions, the snow threatens to cause some disruptions.The storm set to renew flooding concerns over the central Plains and lowerGreat Lakes on Thursday will first push snow through the Rockies intoWednesday. The snow will not be confined to the highest elevations but willwhiten even the lower elevations of northern New Mexico and southeasternColorado.

Meanwhile, snow will also blanket the northern High Plains through Wednesday.

The snow will fall along the western fringe of the rain pushing northwardacross the Midwest.

As much as 6 inches of snow is in store for the northern High Plains. Motoristsshould prepare for treacherous travel, especially during the overnight andearly morning hours.

In the afternoon, road conditions should improve thanks to the stronger rays ofthe mid-March sun. If it is not snowing heavily, pavement is able to absorbmore of sun's warmth this time of year. The snow then will melt as it hits theroad.

Do not let your guard down totally as the road conditions improve. Streets andhighways could turn slick again Wednesday night as temperatures drop and a bitof snow persists across the northern High Plains.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski