What if I have more questions that aren't listed here? 

  • Look through this list, and if your question isn't answered, head to www.startribune.com/support and fill out the form on this page. If you prefer, you can call our digital support team at 612-673-7040. 


Why am I hitting the paywall when I have a subscription? How do I activate my digital account? 
  • If you haven’t already, you will need to activate your digital account. Go to www.startribune.com/activate and follow the prompts on the screen to link your subscription. Don’t worry about finding your subscription number – you will just need your last name and phone number. From there, you can either log in with an existing email address and password or create a new login.
What if I forgot my password?
  • If you are getting a message that says your email is already in use, you already have a login account created with that email address. You can reset your password by going to www.startribune.com/forgotpassword. You will be emailed a link where you can enter a new password. 
How do I access eEdition (the digital replica of the print newspaper)?

You can access eEdition 3 different ways: 
  1. On a desktop or tablet device: 
    Go to www.startribune.com. Select “eEdition” in the top right corner.

    On a mobile phone device:
    Click the menu button – the three lines in the top left corner. eEdition is listed toward the bottom of the list of options. 
  2. Going directly to www.startribune.com/eedition.
  3. By getting our daily eEdition newsletter: Not getting the email? Sign up at www.startribune.com/membercenter. Click on “Email preferences” and select “eEdition” under Star Tribune products.
  • Your subscription may not include eEdition. Print plus Digital Access includes unlimited articles (but not the eEdition) on StarTribune.com and is included for people who get home delivery two or more days per week. eEdition is available to our Premium Digital Access subscribers and users who subscribe to eEdition specifically. If you want to add eEdition to your existing subscription, go here: www.startribune.com/eeditionsignup.
  • If you have more questions or are looking for tips and tricks for eEdition, we have webinars available to help. Sign up here: www.startribune.com/webinars.
How do I find my home delivery account or update my personal information?
  • Head to www.startribune.com/membercenter. Select "Manage Subscription" and then "Newspaper Delivery". On the next screen, click on "Yes, I'm a subscriber." You can:
    –  View your subscription information
    –  Make a payment or view payment history
    –  Give delivery feedback
    –  Update contact information
 How do I print from the site?
  • Desktop: To print a digital article on desktop, look for the gray tool bar on the left side of the article.  Toward the bottom of the toolbar, you will see a print icon. Click on that icon to print the article. 
  • eEdition: To print from the eEdition on desktop, click anywhere on the article or on the crossword puzzle. This will bring up the article view. At the top, you will see another tool bar. Select the “print” icon in that toolbar. When using a mobile browser, select anywhere on the article, which will pull the article up into a different view. Select the three-line menu in the upper right corner and select the print icon.