Editor’s note: City bike counts show there are more cyclists on metro streets than ever. Bike traffic has increased 53 percent in Minneapolis between 2007 and 2015, and 33 percent in St. Paul. This is one in an occasional series of brief profiles of random cyclists encountered in the Twin Cities. See previous profiles at startribune.com/icycle. Below are edited excerpts:

Yen Smith

of Minneapolis

Analytics consultant

Seen: Morning of May 3, Park Avenue, Minneapolis

Her ride: All-City Space Horse

Is this what you do every morning?

I am a year-round bike commuter. I bike all winter. About a year ago I got rid of my car because I never drove, and I wasn’t spending any money on gas and I was paying for insurance. It didn’t seem to make sense. So ever since I’ve been riding, I feel like I need it in the morning and I need it when I’m done with work. It’s been good.

How her work and interests overlaps

It’s kind of nice. I can ride and track everything, and see what my footprint is. It’s fun. It’s something to do.

How long is your commute?

It’s about five-six miles, one way. It’s not bad. I can beat the bus! And I don’t have to worry about parking. I used to bus during the winter, and then started giving winter commuting a try. It’s been really fun.

How have you seen Minneapolis evolve as a biking city since you’ve started?

A lot more investment. Designated bike lanes, that’s been great. A bigger sense of community. Knowing that there is support out there. One of the biggest reasons I ride is because we have this privilege in this city. Not every city has this, and why would I not take advantage of it when it’s here for me, you know? It just builds a better community.

What else do you use your bike for?

Farmers market. Grocery shopping. You get pretty creative. I am figuring out how I bring golf clubs on there. We’ll work with that.