Dessa is having a good week -- in the midst of a good month, a good year. On Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published a piece the musician and writer penned about New Orleans, as part of its Voyages Issue.

Through the years, Dessa had visited New Orleans while on tour, she says in the travel essay. But she hadn't lingered:

While a national tour can hit 40 cities, you might not actually see much of them. Most touring indie musicians spend the bulk of the business day in transit — we lunch at roadside fast-food joints, stand in line behind one another at gas-station bathrooms, then roll into town just in time to set up. By the time the stage is set, the museums are long closed, as are the shops, the bookstores.

This time, Dessa stayed, appreciating the music -- and the footwear -- at the Maple Leaf Bar, chatting with a Mardi Gras Indian in the tree-lined City Park, getting a tarot card reading in the French Quarter. The piece includes these poetic lines:

In New Orleans, the Mississippi winds like a cursive word that has just been pulled too straight to decipher.

Your throat will hurt, constricted by the intensity of a feeling you hadn't known to brace for.

No place wears gravity as beautifully as New Orleans.

And that good week? On Monday, the Twins announced that Dessa will sing the national anthem at the Twins opener at Target Field.

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