Despite Mitt Romney’s condemnation of Donald Trump and his campaign for the presidency that’s expected Thursday, the two had kind things to say about one another during the last presidential election.

Trump endorsed the former Massachusetts governor during his presidential campaign in 2012.

At a news conference in Las Vegas on Feb. 2, 2012, Trump took the stage to give his support to Romney. He discussed the nation’s economic issues and foreign threats before announcing his endorsement.

“Mitt is tough, he’s smart, he’s sharp. He’s not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. So, Governor Romney, go out and get ‘em, you can do it,” Trump said.



Romney thanked Trump for his support and called his endorsement “a delight,” adding that he was honored and pleased by the endorsement. He mentioned Trump’s business acumen, saying his own private ventures had been successful, but not as successful as Trump’s.

“Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works to create jobs for the American people. He’s done it in here Nevada, he’s done it across the country. He understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. He’s one of the few people who stood up and said ‘you know what? China has been cheating,’ ” Romney said at the event.

Romney then launched into a speech about his own economic policies.

At the end of his speech he thanked Trump once more for his endorsement and left the stage.


Ben Farniok is a University of Minnesota student on assignment for the Star Tribune.