In case you thought it was impossible for 100 percent of a group of random Twitter strangers to be aligned on one single subject, you weren't paying attention Thursday afternoon when Mark Stein tweeted that the Timberwolves are reportedly interested in bringing in Derrick Rose — traded from Cleveland to Utah on Thursday — once he his bought out by the Jazz and clears waivers.

This 100 percent agreement is up from 95 percent at last year's trading deadline when the Wolves were reportedly exploring the idea of trading Ricky Rubio for Rose. It's an increase from 98 percent when Rose was a free agent this past summer and the Wolves reportedly had interest.

It now appears there is only one person on the planet who thinks it's possibly a good idea. But that man saw the best Rose has to offer as an MVP in Chicago, and now that he's in Minnesota Tom Thibodeau – coach and personnel boss, remember — is still infatuated.

If it made a tiny bit of sense a year ago, when Rose was averaging 18 points per game for the Knicks and the Wolves were desperate to move on from Rubio, it makes absolutely no sense now — not with Jeff Teague signed for this year and two more after it, and not with Tyus Jones arguably playing just as well (if not better) than Teague.

Even if the move is to be the third point guard (instead of Aaron Brooks), this team has far more pressing needs. Rose played 16 games this season for Cleveland in a season that could be described as "strange" and "injury-marred" but not "good."

Even if we concede that Thibodeau knows more about basketball than 99.9 percent of the planet, sometimes the 100 percent opposition is not wrong. This is one of those times.