Maybe you’ve heard about the “zoom in on the nose” meme.

If you hadn’t, most every Twitter user saw its full power unleashed this week when Denny’s took the meme and actually did something cool with it (brands never do anything cool with memes).

In the original memes, user @SNCKPCK posted a picture of a cute dog, accompanied with the phrase “zoom in on the nose.”

When you zoom in, there’s a teeny-tiny message that says “look in the top left corner.” You’re then directed to a short scavenger hunt where you look in various corners of the image until led to the final phrase: “If u were a dog, u wuld be a good boy.” Copycat memes (of this meme) typically end with a similarly goofy/whimsical/uplifting message.

As for Denny’s post (which got more than 100,000 likes), the image is of pancakes. First you zoom in on the syrup, and then you’re off to the races. The final message is amazing and won’t be ruined for you here. Just go to @DennysDiner on Twitter and thank me later.