Randy Demmer, U.S. Rep. Tim Walz's Republican opponent in the First District, hit the radio airwaves yesterday to highlight the congressman's votes on cap-and-trade, health care and "reckless spending."

"Congressman Tim Walz has voted for it all," says an announcer in one of the three spots Demmer released on Monday. Two of the ads focus on Walz's record and seek to tie him to the Democratic agenda in Congress, while a third portrays Demmer as a businessman from Hayfield who wants to "keep government out of the way."

Regarding Walz's support of the health care bill, the announcer says, "Walz's plan robs you of the right to make choices and drives up your costs."

Walz campaign quickly hit back, accusing Demmer of "parroting Republican party talking points and using cookie cutter ads." They reminded reporters that Walz opposed the bailouts of Wall Street and the auto industry, adding that he supported PAYGO legislation and returned part of his office budget. The campaign also cited a USDA report asserting that cap-and-trade will be a net benefit for agriculture.

Walz put out his first ad last week, and has invested about $120,000 through election day in the Twin Cities market.

Demmer isn't the only trying to tie Walz to the Democratic agenda in Washington, however.

Minnesota Majority, a conservative group based in Minneapolis, has paid for this ad (above) to run on electonic billboards near Rochester. Executive Director Dan McGrath said they are running newspaper ads as well.