I do not always love Delta, but I am a sucker for the airline's silly safety videos. With their latest, they got me with the opener — Keyboard Cat pounding out the jingly background musak on a mini-piano.
If that cat looks familiar, don't be surprised. Viral videos were the inspiration for the airline's flight safety video, which features characters many of us know from our shared obsession with momentary Internet sensations. Delta entitled it: "The Internetest safety video on the Internet."The video has gone viral itself; more than 5 million people have watched it since it was posted to You Tube last week.
Other faves that make a cameo include the Screaming Goat, the Annoying Orange and the Ice Bucket Challenge (feel sorry for that doused actor/flight attendant). Flyers also get a dose of the double rainbow guy, who was overly awe-struck when he witnessed a double rainbow and a friend captured, and then posted, the freak-out. In the safety video, he places a glowing rainbow in the overhead bin, which happens to already contain another glowing rainbow. He responds as you might expect: "whoa!"
Since I believe we're all better off if everyone knows the drill should something go wrong on a plane, I'm all for safety videos that get our attention — and even a chuckle.