Gov. Mark Dayton, who had been considering a state government travel ban to Indiana, said Friday there won’t be a travel ban after the Hoosier State clarified the meaning of a controversial religious freedom law so that it does not allow discrimination.

Opponents of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act said it would allow businesses to deny service to customers on the basis of religious belief, refusing, for instance, to provide floral services or photography for a gay wedding.

Indiana business groups and the Republican mayor of Indianapolis denounced the measure.

On Thursday, the Indiana Legislature passed a new measure clarifying the meaning of the law.

Gov. Mike Pence asked for the change so the new law “would not create a license to discriminate or to deny services to any individual as its critics have alleged,” he said.

While still criticizing Indiana for “not meet[ing] the high standards of equal protection we have enacted in Minnesota,” Dayton said a travel ban is no longer necessary.

Also Friday, the Minneapolis City Council nixed an Indiana travel ban proposed earlier this week by Mayor Betsy Hodges.