As the Minnesota House gears up for a hearing on redistricting principles, Gov. Mark Dayton said time was running out.

"With only four weeks remaining in this legislative session, little time remains for adopting principles and developing a bipartisan plan this year," Dayton wrote, responding to a letter from House Redistricting Committee Chair Sarah Anderson. His letter said by this time a decade ago, the Senate had already adopted its principles and the House followed by May 1.

Dayton said he agrees with Anderson that the process must be "open and fair" -- GOP watch words regarding redistricting this year -- but adds his definition of those words.

"To be open, your process must provide for a plan to be posted on the web before it is voted upon. To be fair, your process must include the DFL members of your committee and the entire House of Representatives," Dayton's letter said.

He also outlined "Minnesota's traditional districting principles." Any plan would need to follow those principles to win his support, he said.

In a statement, Anderson, R-Plymouth, said: "Our redistricting principles match the majority of those cited in the Governor's letter."

"We are exercising due diligence in performing our constitutional duty of creating a fair, representative map for all Minnesotans," Anderson said.

See the redistricting principles her committee will examine at Tuesday's hearing here.

Here's Dayton's letter:

4 25 11 Dayton Letter to S Anderson