Gov. Mark Dayton said he now has a draft of the petition his office will send to the court this week detailing which government services should remain operational in the event of a shutdown.

Dayton told a Star Tribune reporter outside a fundraiser Monday that he received the draft this afternoon and expects a final version to be filed on Wednesday.

He added that he will be reviewing the details of the proposal in an extensive meeting Tuesday with Jim Schowalter, commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget. 

Asked whether, given his promises that the shutdown plans will be tranparent, Minnesotans deserve to know more details, Dayton said: 

"Absolutely. I haven’t even seen the final copy. I just got the draft of the brief this afternoon. And I’m meeting tomorrow with Commissioner Schowalter for about 3 or 4 hours to go through in detail our proposal. So we’re not hiding anything from anyone. It's just [that we] haven't gotten it quite ready yet."

He added, "If all goes as we hope tomorrow, we’ll be filing it on Wednesday. It’ll be public, everybody will have it."