Kris Humphries didn't stay long but he definitely made an impact in his lone season with the Gophers. His former coach, Dan Monson, took the Gophers to the NCAA tournament in 2005, but he was fired the following year after a rough start to the 2006-07 season.

The two former Gophers, player and coach, were reunited at the Humphries-Kim Kardashian wedding in California last weekend. According to, they hadn't spoken much since Humphries entered the 2004 NBA draft.

But in recent months, Humphries reached out to his former coach and invited him to the wedding.

"I've been thinking a lot about you. I'm in a really good place professionally. I've met somebody special. I've been reflecting back, and you had a lot to do with that. I never got a chance to thank you," Monson said Humphries told him when they talked for the first time in years, according to

Both men have recovered from that 12-18 (3-13 Big Ten) campaign in 2003-04.

Humphries married a Kardashian. He also averaged 10.0 points and 10.7 boards per game for the Nets last season. He's a free agent, but he's due for a pay raise once the NBA figures out the lockout situation.

Monson has positioned Long Beach State to contend for an NCAA tournament slot, a year after the program lost in the first round of the NIT. I ran into an LBSU staffer on a trip last season. And he said the administration, the program and the university community have really embraced Monson.

Monson and Humphries shared laughs at the wedding, as they reflected on their brief coach-player relationship.

In Humphries' only year with the program, he averaged 0.7 assists per game, a mark that's often referenced in discussions about his short stay. He couldn't even escape that conversation at his own wedding, according to former Gophers staffer James Ware, who also attended the wedding.

"We were all sitting there, and Kris has come over and said 'hello' earlier in the evening," Ware told "Well, Kris comes back a second time without Kim again and Monson says, 'Hey Kris, we are tired of seeing you, and you've never been good at sharing even in basketball. I'm just telling you: Don't come back over here again without bringing Kim.'

"The entire table erupted because Kris as a player has never been an assist guy."

-Texas prospect Nick Banyard, a 6-8 forward in the 2012 class, will visit the Gophers in the mid-September, according to Earlier this month, the Gophers received a verbal commitment from Wisconsin prospect Wally Ellenson. According to a source close to the program, the Gophers will likely pursue a three-man 2012 class. They'd like to add a player like Banyard and at least one big man with both Ralph Sampson III and Trevor Mbakwe graduating. The third scholarship would become available if Rodney Williams decided to enter next summer's NBA draft, a strong possibility in the eyes of the Gophers staff.

-Former Kentucky student manager Chris Briggs was hired to be the head coach at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kent., Thursday. Briggs was a student manager during Tubby Smith's time at Kentucky.

"Chris Briggs has a high basketball IQ, and I am positive that he will continue to carry on the winning tradition at Georgetown College," said Smith, according to "Chris has been working towards this goal for many years and will work hard and do what it takes to be successful the right way. We at Minnesota are behind him and will always be there for the Georgetown program and Chris Briggs."