A snowy scene near Bridgeport, Texason Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010. (Photo Courtesy of AccuWeather.com Facebook FanJames)The Southern snowstorm disrupting travel along the I-10 and I-20 corridorstoday dumped heavy snow across portions of the southern Plains, includingnorthern Texas, Thursday. Following the storm, snowfall this winter in placeslike Dallas and Oklahoma City are keeping up with the seasonal snowfall inToronto!Dallas got 11.2 inches of snow from the storm Thursday, shattering the olddaily snow record of 1.4 inches, set in 1988. The 11.2 inches of snow, justfrom this one storm, already ranks this February as the second snowiest onrecord. February 1978 still stands as the snowiest February with 13.5 inches ofsnow.The seasonal snow total in Dallas is now 14.4 inches, which ranks as the thirdsnowiest winter for the city. The winter of 1977-78 remains the snowiest winterin Dallas with a total of 17.5 inches. Like this current winter, an El Ninopattern was in place during the winter of 1977-78.

Wichita Falls, Texas got 5.5 inches of snow from the storm Thursday. The 5.5inches broke the old daily snowfall record (Feb. 11) of 3.5 inches, set in1958. This brought the seasonal snowfall total to 14.8 inches, which breaks therecord of 14.3 inches, set during the winter of 1957-1958.

Oklahoma City has received 19.9 inches of snow so far this winter.

Meanwhile, Toronto, Canada has only received 15.4 inches of snow this winter!Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Meghan Evans.