Cris Carter was credited with being Randy Moss' mentor early in Moss' tenure with the Vikings. Carter is now an NFL analyst for ESPN and on Wednesday gave his views on the Vikings acquisition of Moss from the New England Patriots. Here are some of Carter's comments.

Q. Will there be an adjustment with Moss not having played in the West Coast? A. "It's not an issue because of Brett Favre's experience and when Randy came into the league you have to remember Dennis Green merged two offensive systems. The Washington Redskins under Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh, who had the strongest influence on his coaching offensive philosophy [from the time Green was in San Francisco]. He blended those two systems in. So as we were groomed as players under [Vikings offensive coordinator] Brian Billick we had pieces of the West Coast offense and we have watched hours and hours of the West Coast offense so that we got a better understanding of what the coaches meant." Q. How much different of a player is Moss now than the guy you played with in Minnesota? A. "I would probably say when Randy was his ultimate fastest he could probably run somewhere in the 4.2 range [in the 40-yard dash]. And I think that right now probably he can run in the 4.3 range. Randy Moss is a nightmare for defenses and he still has the speed. Actually, he has taken better care of his body now in the last three years than the five years that I played with him because he was just young then. I think that Randy is coming in healthy and that right there allows him to maintain his tremendous speed." Q. How about Moss as a person, how has he changed since you were teammates? A. "If you look at the last four of five years of Randy's career what can people say? What can they say that he's done negative? New England in the locker room he was great. There's some information about he got into what people call a confrontation with the quarterback coach [Bill O'Brien] at halftime of the Dolphins game. That happens every Sunday in every NFL locker room. He had been thrown one pass and that wasn't a called huddle call that was an audible from the field. [Tom] Brady threw him a fade-stop, didn't connect. So if I get to halftime I probably would have said something to the head coach, offensive coordinator, too." Q. What does this acquisition do for the Vikings? A. "I don't like drafting young receivers [to go] with receivers that don't have a great deal of experience. Percy Harvin can learn a little bit from Sidney Rice but he can learn an awful lot from Randy Moss. Randy Moss has made Wes Welker an unbelievable slot receiver. Percy Harvin is a slot receiver with elite speed. He's going to get better instantly. [Tight end Visanthe] Shiancoe, I wish you could double cover him. What are you going to do, single cover Randy Moss? So Shiancoe is going to get single coverage. Bernard Berrian, he can concentrate on being a deep threat down the field where he's probably most effective compared to running intermediate routes and quick slants. And Brett Favre has the ability to be able to get the ball to whoever has the best coverage. Adrian Peterson, the only way you're stopping him right now, the way he's focused, is to jam the box. Hey guys, unless they are changing the rules and are going to let [defenses] play like Tennessee with 13 guys on the field, this offense is going to be tough to deal with." Q. How does this affect Rice and Berrian? A. "I think it's going to affect Bernard Berrian maybe a little more, outside of Shiancoe, from an outside standpoint they tried to target him a number of times and he didn't come through. Bernard Berrian three years ago signed the big contract coming over from Chicago. He's a guy they knew very, very well inside their division. I would say, to be honest, that he has underperformed from what the Vikings expected from him. If you look at the last three years of his career, he has not gotten better. Sidney Rice is another story because I believe that Sidney Rice will be motivated and glad to have Randy because you can put Sidney on one side and Randy on the other side. Randy can [be the] X receiver, which is to the boundary side, the split end side, or he can play the Z receiver, which is to the field, the guy that does more motion and the guy who you want to have more juice. Sidney is more suited like Michael Irvin, to play the X receiver to the boundary. A big banger, get single coverage and Randy's best position is the flanker, the Z to the field side to be able to stretch the field." Q. How much more productive can Peterson be? A. "There's a Moss effect no matter where he goes. Randy has not had a great running game since the running game we had in Minnesota. People give us a lot of credit for scoring points and throwing the ball, but the one thing we prided ourselves on was running the ball effectively with Robert Smith, Leroy Hoard, whoever we had at running back out of a three-receiver set. The ability to be able to run him out of a one-back set with three receivers on the field and in four or five weeks those receivers being Sidney, Visanthe Shiancoe, Percy Harvin and Randy Moss. This is like fantasy football."