Cribsheet is 4 years old today!

Yes, our little blog is getting older. Four years ago today a blog was born. May wrote an article that appeared in the paper announcing our community of new parents to the world. It all started in what we endearingly called "the pump room" a nondescript beige slightly sour room tucked away on the 4th floor of the Star Tribune.

Even though it's been a good two years since I've used it  - I snuck in for a visit recently.

(I still have the secret pass-code for the keypad  on a post-it on my bulletin board.)

There it was the original legal pad that May brought in back in the spring of 2006 to write notes on and connect with other moms (myself included). I smiled as I reminisced and flipped through the thoughts and words from those early days of returning to work after maternity leave. The pad was filled up with concerns and questions and yes a few rants.

And it the cycle goes on.  The moms who use that room are  continuing the conversation. There's another legal pad halfway full of motherly musings. Adjustments with the family dogs, baby's milestones, encouragement and empathy.

We took that legal pad and moved our concerns and issues as new parents online to StarTribune.com.

As May put it  - the blog is not the bloggers but the community that coalesces around it.  Thank you for  "coalescing." We have met some wonderful parents and new friends out there from  various events, and online conversations.  

We're all growing together as parents as are kids grow up too.