If we have learned anything from the last few days it's that Vikings QB Kirk Cousins is a bit of an oversharer, and Mike Zimmer is the classic coach who would prefer to share as little as possible.

The back-and-forth between the two wasn't the first time there has been a (mostly) innocent and humorous exchange about communication this season. After the Vikings' loss to the Bears in Week 4, Cousins apologized on his radio show/podcast to Adam Thielen for not getting him the ball more.

Zimmer said he wasn't a "fan" of the apology and quipped that maybe Cousins should "get off the podcast."

The sky was falling then at a rate so fast it threatened to flatten the season. They responded with four wins in a row, during which Cousins played so well that he earned conference player of the month honors.

The loss at Kansas City was a small blip compared to that, but it won't stop Cousins from analyzing how to get better.

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