Minnesota ranked among the worst states for its overall business tax climate, ranking 46th nationally, according to a ranking released Wednesday by the Washington, D.C-based Tax Foundation.

The Tax Foundation, a conservative-leaning nonprofit, ranked New Jersey as the worst state, New York, California, Vermont and the District of Columbia all ranked worst than Minnesota. The best business tax climates are No. 1 Wyoming, followed by South Dakota, Alaska, Florida and Nevada. 

The Foundation's report said business tax climates contribute to business relocation decisions by companies moving operations or headquarters to states with lesser tax burdens on business. 

Sam Fettig, a spokesman for Gov. Dayton, in a statement countered with a separate ranking touting Minnesota's business climate. 

“The Tax Foundation has an anti-tax ideology and views lower taxes as desirable," Fettig said. "For the past two years, Minnesota has ranked in the top five best states for business by CNBC, due to our highly-educated workforce, investments in infrastructure, and high quality of life with a lower cost of living, none of which the Tax Foundation factors into its rankings.”