Michael Nanne, one of the Wild's dentists since its inaugural season and one of four children to Minnesota hockey icon Lou Nanne and his wife, Francine, lost his battle with brain cancer Friday night.

Nanne was 48.

"He was an incredible person that faced adversity without any complaint," Lou Nanne texted me Saturday.

Michael Nanne is survived by wife, Sheila, and children Megan, Shawn, Erin and Lauren. He had a twin brother, Mark, older sister, Michelle, and younger brother, Marty, who is a Wild scout.

My condolences to all of Michael's friends and family members. He was a tremendously nice person, was devoted to his faith and as courageous as you get. This is a guy who lost one of his legs at age 18.

As Wild prospect Louie Nanne (@lounanne11) said of his uncle last night on Twitter: "My uncle did more on one leg than I can do on 2, he lived more in 3 years than I will if I live to be 100."

There have been several mentions since last night on Twitter, including from Brent Burns, Andrew Zimmern, Tom Reid and Wes Walz.

RIP, and again my best to the large Nanne family.