“The focus is on the kids, period,” P.J. Fleck said one morning earlier this summer, as a couple of Star Tribune journalists hung out at Fleck's house for the day.

Fleck might be the most talked-about coach in town these days, even as Paul Molitor tries to keep his Twins in postseason contention and Mike Zimmer rallies another group of Vikings at camp.

Fleck’s first Gophers training camp doesn't start until next week, but many in the state are captivated by his energy, the way he talks, the way he keeps popping up on parade floats, on TV and elsewhere. Some dig it, some wonder what’s in his water bottle.

But what photographer Liz Flores and reporter Joe Christensen saw several times this summer was Fleck’s passionate work at home, where P.J. and Heather Fleck have built a new family in their new home.

Here's a video preview of the story.

'When I walk in the door, Heather does not care that I'm the University of Minnesota football coach.'

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-- Chris Carr, Star Tribune deputy sports editor