In the food trends pipeline, it would seem that cupcakes are so over. Doughnuts are hot, but they’re bound to slip sometime. And when they do, spouses Haley and Tony Fritz are going to be ready with what they foresee as the Next Big Thing.

Cookie dough.

Yep. The co-owners of the popular O’Cheeze food truck are launching a sibling vehicle they’re christening Dough Dough.

“Cookie dough is already picking up in New York and in L.A.,” said Tony. “These ideas start on the coasts and work their way towards the center.”

The plan is to have seven dough varieties on hand: a classic chocolate chip, German chocolate, salted caramel, marshmallow and more, served by the scoop, in bowls.

(Food safety sticklers, worry not; the flour will be heat-treated, and the Fritzes have developed a no-egg recipe. And yes, they're formulating the product so that the dough can be baked into actual edible cookies.)

Once the initial hiccups are worked through, the Fritzes say they're going to expand into other cookie dough-friendly format, including cookie pops, sandwiches and cones.  

“We’re going to make them very visual, and over-garnish,” said Tony, citing a few examples: flambéed marshmallow on marshmallow dough; coconut, caramel and chocolate on the German chocolate dough; tons of sprinkles on a birthday cake dough.

“Isn’t it all about how your food looks on Instagram?” said Tony. In a word, yes

The truck is under currently under construction and they hope to take delivery on May 13. They’ve got a launch date set for May 17. It’ll be parked in downtown Minneapolis (look for a freebie giveaway for the first 100 customers) and will later join its O’Cheeze sibling at Indeed Brewing Co.

Don’t expect to see Dough Dough entering the downtown food truck circus more than once a week. This dessert purveyor on wheels is going to be more about corporate events, weddings and festivals. “We’ve already got some parties on our calendar,” said Haley.

Meanwhile, construction of the brick-and-mortar iteration of O’Cheeze is plugging along, but at a pace slower than projected. “You start opening up walls and ripping up floors and you encounter all these unforeseen delays,” said Haley. “The hope is that we’ll be open by the end of July or early August.”

Will Dough Dough have a presence in the new shop? Yes, a limited one, probably in the form of pre-packaged items, in a small assortment of flavors.

“We’re really excited about the whole project,” said Tony. “We’ve been doing O’Cheeze for four years now, and this is the first step that we’ve taken into a new direction. We’re going to have as much fun as we can with this.”