One rumor has dogged and seriously annoyed Darren Sharper, who may have played his last down with the Vikings.

The last time I asked him about it again, just to make sure nothing's changed, Sharper gesticulated wildly and asked why the rumor that he fathered a baby boy in the Twin Cities won't go away.

This gossip first came to me in an e-mail, the land of the coward, from someone claiming to be a friend of the mother of a woman who reportedly had given birth to Sharper's baby. When I pressed the e-mailer for specifics and requested that court documents mysteriously arrive in my mailbox if the charge was true, that person stopped typing.

The baby boy gossip is so prevalent, however, that Sharper said he'd heard it before I first broached the subject.

For the record, Sharper stressed that he has one child -- a daughter, Amara, who, he indicated in another 2008 conversation, is about 10 years old.

Sharper also indicated that he has got a concrete plan for the creation of future progeny. "The next time I have a baby will be after I put a ring on [some woman's finger]," the bachelor said.

Unlike too many pro athletes, it took only one time for Sharper to figure out what causes unexpected pregnancy.

So long, Sharper, because my information is you're outta here. Stay out of those handicapped parking spots. You're too decent a fellow to succumb to entitlement head trips that define too many pro athletes.

Burger with sauce

Finally! Sheletta Brundidge is being allowed near a radio mic five days a week, starting Monday.

The self-proclaimed "Funniest Woman in the Twin Cities" is going to be the producer of Kevyn Burger's FM107 show.

This is going to be tricky. Burger is prone to monologues that sometimes aren't very interesting, even though she has a very nice voice. I know for a fact that Burger is a lot more interesting in real life than she's willing to be on the air. In other words, the former TV news reporter isn't exactly living her life out loud.

It will be interesting to listen to just how much Burger allows Brundidge to play in that sandbox -- in other words, how much of a voice Sheletta gets. This should lead to something much bigger for Brundidge, who also is host of Channel 45's "Crossroads." Years ago, this woman should have had her own Twin Cities radio show, which would have led to her going national. She is that funny, as is clear to those to who read, her sometimes very naughty Emmy-winning website. When her accent annoys you, remember this: Her broken-English-learned-in-Houston-Texas is totally schtick!

She doesn't always talk that way. She can be very professional.

The buzz on Matheson

Jason Matheson needs to start being executive producer of some TV shows if he wants to take his Ryan Seacrest-like domination of this market to the next level.

The Fox 9 entertainment reporter/movie reviewer, host of the Fox 9 webcast "Idol Chatter," and recently installed host of a radio show on FM107, is getting a late-night entertainment show on Fox 9. "Weekend Buzz" airs at 11 p.m. Thursday on My 29, and repeats at 11:30 p.m. Friday on Fox 9.

The Buzz is back! "It's all your fault," Matheson said. In his first on-camera persona at Fox 10 years ago, he was known as "Buzz Boy." I thought it was cute, so I still ID him that way.

Is there any exec-producing in his future? "No doubt with Tyra Banks, some reality show that will get canceled in two weeks. Then I'll know I've made it."

Buzzy's Facebook befriendings -- there may not be such a noun, but there definitely is no such verb as to "friend" somebody -- have skyrocketed since his radio debut. Lots of women are loving on Buzz, commenting about his sexiness. You chicks really need to RECOGNIZE, as they say.

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