Chrissy Teigen had the best Twitter feud ever

There is nothing better — nothing! — than when celebrities engage an angry follower on Twitter. It gives us a window into their soul. OK, that’s not true. But it is pretty fascinating to see which of the millions of mentions a famous Twitter user will respond to.

This past week, model Chrissy Teigen won the award for Greatest Twitter Feud of All Time. A tweeter going by “Debra Mullarkey” responded to a Teigen tweet, and the Twitter queen (3 million followers) quickly took the confrontation back to junior high. It was hilarious.

Debra: “no one protected us from the last president! #getoverit”

Teigen: “shut up or get specific, debbie.”

Debra: “you shutup if you wanna be rude.”

Teigen: “no you shut up.”

That right there is Twitter gold.

Tom Horgen