New long snapper Matt Katula, who was signed Tuesday to replace Cullen Loeffler on the active roster, says he has one primary goal this week: to come in and hope nobody notices his presence. In other words, Katula hopes he is so efficient with his special teams specialty that the transition proves seamless.

Veteran punter and holder Chris Kluwe had a positive first impression taking walk-through snaps from Katula on Wednesday morning.

"The show's got to go on," Kluwe said. "It'll be important for me to get used to his rhythm. We'll get a bunch of field goal snaps to make sure Ryan [Longwell] is happy with where it's at. … Right out of the gates, Matt's [snaps] were good. They fired back fast and were right in the right location. He just needs to keep that up."

Kluwe also had glowing reviews of Jared Allen's snapping performance from last Sunday's game in Atlanta. "If he wants a future career once he's done with d-line, he could definitely stick around as a snapper for an extra four or five years," Kluwe said. On one fourth quarter punt, Allen was the first Viking down in coverage. Falcons return man Eric Weems fair caught Kluwe's 47-yard kick. Otherwise, he could have been in big trouble. "Jared was boogeying," Kluwe said. "He was going full speed. He had a chance to lay [Weems] out."