A Chicago man was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in Wednesday’s shooting death of two men in north Minneapolis.

Brian Deshawn Morse, 21, is accused of spraying bullets inside a sport-utility vehicle, killing its two occupants. Another suspect remains at large, police said.

One of the victims, identified by relatives as Odell Meanweather Frazier, moved his family to the Twin Cities from Chicago’s South Side five or six years ago. The second victim, who has yet to be identified, was said to be a friend of Frazier’s.

Family members said Frazier was getting his 6-year-old daughter ready for school when he walked outside to talk to a friend. They climbed inside a tan Chevrolet SUV outside Frazier’s home on the 4500 block of Penn Avenue, where he lived with his wife and several of his nine children.

Police said two men approached the vehicle and at least one of them fired several times inside, striking both victims. The suspects fled on foot.

Both men were pronounced dead at the scene, marking the city’s fifth and sixth homicides of the year.

The complaint said police chased down a man into a back yard and watched him throw a handgun over a fence. They later identified the man as Morse. The weapon and matching casings were recovered.

Morse initially denied any involvement in the shooting, but later admitted to being present while another man shot both victims. Blood on his pants was from the victims, he said.

Morse is scheduled to make his first court appearance Friday.