Q: I've been watching "Cheers" on Netflix for a few months now. All of a sudden I couldn't, so I called Netflix and they said their contract had run out! I cannot find it anywhere else. Any ideas?

A: At this writing, Hulu and CBS All Access still have "Cheers." And Peacock, the new streaming service from NBCUniversal, has that classic sitcom among its offerings. The new service is available in free and paid versions (see peacocktv.com) and just adds to the streamers vying for programs and customers — not only Hulu and CBS All Access, but Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, Acorn TV, Prime Video and much more. One of the challenges for viewers these days is to figure out which channel or streamer has a show, forcing us all to look even more places.

Before she was famous

Q: I remember watching a teleplay (maybe on PBS) in the late '70s that was about a group of female college friends. I think it had a young Meryl Streep, and maybe Cynthia Nixon and Tovah Feldshuh. But I can't find it listed on IMDb. Do you remember this?

A: Yes. That was "Uncommon Women and Others," the 1978 adaptation of the play by Wendy Wasserstein, about women from Mount Holyoke College reminiscing about college. The cast did indeed include Streep, along with Swoosie Kurtz, Jill Eikenberry and others, but not Nixon or Feldshuh. It originally aired on PBS' "Great Performances."

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