The Wolves will enter this year’s NBA draft lottery with the best chance — 25 percent — of winning the first overall pick in the draft. They can draft no lower than fourth. It will mark the 19th time the Wolves have been in the lottery and their 11th straight. In all that time the Wolves never have improved their position. Here is a lottery-by-lottery look.

1990: 22-60 (fifth-worst record)


Lottery pick: 6th

With Derrick Coleman, Gary Payton, Chris Jackson, Dennis Scott and Kendall Gill gone, the Wolves drafted center Felton Spencer.


1991: 29-53 (seventh worst)


Lottery pick: 7th


Larry Johnson went first, and the likes of Kenny Anderson, Dikembe Mutombo and Steve Smith were long gone by the time the Wolves drafted Luc Longley.


1992: 15-67 (worst)


Draft pick: 3rd


This was perhaps the cruelest twist of fate, getting the third pick in a two-player draft. After Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning went Nos. 1-2, the Wolves drafted Christian Laettner.


1993: 19-63 (second worst)


Lottery pick: 5th


Dropping three places to fifth, the Wolves took Isaiah Rider after Chris Webber, Shawn Bradley, Penny Hardaway and Jamal Mashburn went Nos. 1-4.


1994: 20-62 (third worst)


Lottery pick: 4th


Another step back forced the Wolves to watch Glenn Robinson, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill leave the board before they took Donyell Marshall.


1995: 21-61 (third worst)


Lottery pick: 5th


Didn’t matter this time. The Wolves took future star Kevin Garnett straight out of high school with the fifth pick, ultimately landing the best player in the draft.


1996: 26-56 (fifth worst)


Lottery pick: 5th


The Wolves took Ray Allen, then traded him to Milwaukee along with a future first-round pick for the rights to fourth pick Stephon Marbury.


1999: via N.J. (fifth worst)


Lottery position: 6th


No luck even with another team’s pick, the Wolves passed on Rip Hamilton and Shawn Marion to select Wally Szczerbiak.


2005: 44-38 (14th worst)


Lottery position: 14th


The enigmatic Rashad McCants.


2006: 33-49 (sixth worst)


Lottery position: 6th


The Wolves drafted Brandon Roy, then traded him to Portland for the rights to Randy Foye.


2007: 32-50 (sixth worst)


Lottery position: 7th


With Kevin Durant and Al Horford gone with the second and third picks, the Wolves ended up with Corey Brewer at No. 7.


2008: 22-60 (third worst)


Lottery position: 3rd


Derrick Rose went No. 1, followed by Michael Beasley. With Russell Westbrook still on the board, the Wolves drafted O.J. Mayo and then traded with Memphis for the rights to Kevin Love.

2009: 24-58 (fifth worst)


Lottery position: 6th


The Wolves dropped back a spot with their own pick, but also had Washington’s pick, which dropped three spots to fifth overall. Neither was used on Stephen Curry. The Wolves got Ricky Rubio at No. 5 and Jonny Flynn at No. 6.


2010: 15-67 (second worst)


Lottery position: 4th


In a draft that saw John Wall go No. 1, the Wolves dropped two spots, passed on DeMarcus Cousins and took Wes Johnson at No. 4.


2011: 17-65 (worst record)


Lottery position: 2nd


Taking one step back, the Wolves took Derrick Williams after Cleveland took Kyrie Irving.


2012: 26-40 (10th worst)


Lottery pick: 10th


The Wolves owed the pick to the Clippers for the Marco Jaric trade. The Clippers ultimately traded it to New Orleans, which took Austin Rivers.


2013: 31-51 (ninth worst)


Lottery position: 9th


The Wolves drafted guard Trey Burke, but traded him to Utah for the 14th and 21st overall picks, which turned out to be Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng.


2014: 40-42 (13th worst)


Lottery position: 13th


The Wolves got Zach LaVine.