Final shot for st. paul's own

Former Twin and St. Paul native Jack Morris is on the Hall of Fame ballot for the 15th and final time. He has become the definition of a borderline candidate, collecting 67.2 percent of the vote last year — 75 percent is needed for enshrinement. Here's a look at the arguing points on both sides of the Morris debate:

The case for

A front-line starter on three World Series winners, with 254 career victories.

Pitched at least eight innings in 248 starts. Pitched possibly the greatest World Series game ever, leading the Twins to a 1-0, 10-inning victory over Atlanta in Game 7 in 1991.

The case against

Would have highest ERA (3.90) of any Hall of Fame pitcher.

Never finished higher than third in Cy Young Award voting.

Never finished in the top three in the AL in ERA or WHIP.