The Center for Performing Arts announced plans to add a second building. (Provided image)

The Center for Performing Arts is growing. Or at least, it will be.

Located in an old convent on 38th St. and Pleasant Av., the south Minneapolis arts center is known as a destination for dance classes, music lessons and the occasional performance. It currently houses artists' studios, a dance studio and a small performance space in the convent’s old chapel.

According to executive director Jackie Hayes, who bought the building in 1995 and runs the center as an LLC, the expansion will bring an additional four-story structure of roughly equivalent size, to be located adjacent to the current space on 38th Street. That will allow the center to expand its mission while creating an opportunity to host bigger events. 

The expansion, she hopes, will enable collaborations between those working in social justice and the arts. “I’m also interested in this expansion to create a couple of pockets that are dedicated space for artists working at the edges of the field,” she said. 

The expansion also comes as a response to all the arts venues that closed in recent years, including Intermedia Arts and Patrick’s Cabaret. “Obviously there’s a major depletion of space to develop works in town and engage the public," Hayes said. "So I’m hoping we are able to also think through the models for sustainable art practice for individuals and organizations.”

However, Hayes said, the center is still very much in the planning phase. “I have been working with a construction company and architects,” she said. “We have preliminary designs and are engaging various communities for feedback and brainstorming.”

The center will announce updates via its website: