"Cavalia." Photo by Tom Wallace

Officials at "Cavalia," the horse and acrobat extravaganza that opens Wednesday just west of Minneapolis at highways 100 and 394, are warning patrons against ticket scams. Some tickets are still available to the show, but many have been bought by scalpers, who are selling them at two or three times face value.

The problem, Cavalia officials say, is that those inflated prices are being advertised as discounted prices online. The sites involved are operating legally but often trump the official show site in Google searches.
“We’ve dealt with scalpers inflating our prices in the past, but it’s gotten out of hand,” said "Cavalia" tour publicist Jean-David Pelletier.
He says that the best place to find tickets is at www.cavalia.net.
In the meantime, they are talking to Google about optimizing the search results. 
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