It is fascinating how groups like "Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign" can be "selectively" angry, citing human rights abuses, which they claim, are committed by the Democratic State of Israel. Yet their collective action against human rights abuse becomes virtually nonexistent when it comes to criticism of dictatorial regimes that sponsor international terrorism, like Hamas, Syria, Iran, Sudan, etc. Obviously, these and other groups, are atttempting to cripple the State of Israel through political means. In essence they are using a form of political terrorism through policy letters and resolutions to demonize a free and sovereign nation.

Don't let them succeed!

A resolution is being proposed by this group, which calls for the State of Minnesota to divest from all Israel bonds investments.-Essentially boycotting Israel. You can Help to block this resolution, go to your respective precinct tonight by 7pm., and vote against this resolution.

Check your precinct location and time at:

For those who feel that the break the bonds campaign has even remote justification, please check out the following on utube, and then go to your caucus and vote this resolution down: