There are two kinds of ice cream people. There are those who go to a shop knowing exactly what they want, and leaving satisfied every time with their predetermined flavor of choice. And then there are the tasters.

Jeff Sommers was the former. Every time he went out for ice cream, he'd think about it on the way and make a steadfast decision: chocolate or chocolate almond. He never tried anything new, not even allowing himself one of the plentiful free samples the scoopers behind the counter offered him.

"I wouldn't ask for a taste," he said. "It seemed too decadent. Too mooch-y."

Flash forward 17 years, and as the co-founder of Izzy's, a Twin Cities ice cream institution, Sommers has become the father of the ultimate in ice cream sampling, the Izzy Scoop – that tiny extra scoop that comes with every order.

"The Izzy scoop came from wanting everyone to have a taste," said the now-reformed Sommers.

And for those who are still indecisive, Izzy's offers a sampler to end all samplers.

Meet the Hot Dish, a red Le Creuset dish filled with crushed up cones and brownies plus a dainty Izzy scoop of all 32 flavors that Izzy's currently has in the case. Those who choose to partake can add three sauces, seven candy and nut toppings and homemade whipped cream to form the most colorful hot dish ever to come out of a Minnesotan's kitchen.

This massive ice cream casserole is the latest over-the-top food to be featured in our video series, Outta Control. Watch past videos about the battle for the best Juicy Lucy here and another on a meat-free Big Mac here.

Most of the people ordering a Hot Dish at Izzy's plan to share it with friends, anywhere from 4 to 15 people make up a typical crowd. Though the staff have seen one person eat the whole thing himself. It's not as crazy as it sounds. (It costs $120.)

"Lots of ice cream shops have that La La Palooza menu item" of all the flavors in one sundae, Sommers said. "We wanted one that was a little bit restrained, so you could enjoy it and not get sick." The Izzy scoops, after all, are on the small side.

Still, that's a lot of ice cream.

And the hot dish itself? One person gets to take it home and use it for their own tater tot — or ice cream — creations.

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